Toronto Bluegrass Concert featuring A Cup of Cold Water in support of BLCF Cafe

Bluegrass Concert to Benefit Toronto's Home;less at BLCF Cafe

Bluegrass Concert to Benefit Toronto’s Homeless at BLCF Cafe on March 5, 2012 featuring ‘A Cup of Cold Water’

Bluegrass Concert on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 7PM, featuring the talents of ‘A Cup of Cold Water’ .

Admission $10. All proceeds go to BLCF Cafe Community Dinner, BLCF Cafe operates every Wednesday evening from 6-8 PM and feeds over 100 homeless and marginalized guests weekly, without any government funding or corporate sponsorship.

See ‘A Cup of Cold Water’ perform Traditional Bluegrass and Bluegrass Gospel at:

Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship- BLCF Church, 1307 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 7PM BLCF is located just 1 block west of the Lansdowne Station, on the south side of Bloor Street.

BLCF: 416-535-9578.

Event Information

Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship Church Event Type:  Fundraising
Region: ON – Metro Toronto Area
Location(s): Bloor and Lansdowne, Toronto
Event Date(s): 03/03/2012 – 7PM                                                                                                                                                                                                 Admission: $10

Bluegrass Concert to Benefit Toronto's Homeless

Enjoy Bluegrass Gospel Music at its best as performed by A Cup of Cold Water

Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship Community Dinner

Feeding the homeless and marginalized in the heart of Toronto at BLCF Cafe