An Open Letter To do-not-steal

Do Not Steal From A Poor Church – This Website Will Steal Your Photos and Then Hack Your Computer

An open letter to


person:           Andrey Gerzhov
address:          Freeland Unlimited
address:          28v Svetlitskogo, apt 161
address:          Kiev, Ukraine
mnt-by:           YURTEH-MNT
phone:            +38044-3222233

 SHAME ON YOU! Stealing from the homeless! The Copyright Infringement page/form  of is inoperative. All photographic and LOGO art and designs labeled of, and pertaining to, Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship apparently has been lifted by, from either our web page: or our BLOGs: or – which is in violation of posted copyright notices on those sites. As the graphic content on Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship sites cannot be copied or reused without written permission from Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship or the owner of this media. is instructed to immediately remove all media from Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship and to immediately cease  the sale of and reproduction of any media take from our web and BLOG sites.

Further, Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship reserves the right to seek punitive and financial damages, costs, and penalties from for the illegal reproduction, sale, and distribution of any graphics taken from our web and BLOG pages without any written consent or approval of Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship, which are protected under Canadian, American and/or International Copyright Laws.
Note: This message has been copied and saved as legal proof of notification of copyright infringement notification sent to  on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 4:17PM Eastern Time.
–         Steve Mickelson, Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship, 1307 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6M1H7, 416-535-9578

Joe Elkerton's Project 417 solicits donations for itself stop stealing from the poor and homeless

Sadly, Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship is not a wealthy church, as we struggle to fund our weekly community dinner, BLCF Cafe, where we feed upwards of 150 homeless and marginalized guests, by way our semi-annual fundraiser concerts. 100% of donations go to the purchase of food, styrofoam cups, plastic cutlery, etc. We do not have the resources to maintain a commercial web page to solicit donations and yet, by selling artwork taken from our pages is actually stealing from God’s treasury, and from the mouths of the less fortunate. SHAME ON THEM!

We encourage any and all readers of our web and BLOG pages NOT to purchase any posters or other printed material from related to Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship, as it was downloaded without consent or permission of the owners!

BLCF: piracy-its-a-crime – This Website Will Steal Your Photos and Then Hack Your Computer