A Church in the Heart of Toronto – BLCF – Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship

A Church in the Heart of Toronto - Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship

Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship –  A Church in the Heart of Toronto

Last Wednesday, BLCF Cafe served 150 homeless guests, and we have purchased 3 more tables. We need up to 50 stackable chairs to accomodate the increased need. Contact Sophie at BLCF at 416-535-9578.Bloor Lansdowne Community Dinner renamed in December 2009 BLCF Cafe established in January 2008 by Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship – BLCF Church. BLCF Cafe feeds over 100 homeless people weekly, over 5,000 annually. BLCF Cafe is run under the auspices of BLCF Church. Volunteers and donations to help feed the homeless are welcome. BLCF Cafe Info Brochure

Bloor Lansdown Community Dinner Question

Why have a Community Dinner instead of a Sandwich Run or Food Bank?